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October 12 23:13 2021

The car journey from Hoboken, New Jersey to Rockville, Maryland took over 4 hours, with a stopover along the freeway for breakfast. The journey from a standardized corporate life of mechanical toil in UK and USA, to the divine creation of Our Collective (www.Our-Collective.com) global alliance operating a unique holistic model integrating Art, Business and Charity, took almost a decade of soul-searching and intense brainstorming. For the road trip, the companion was Jimmy Chue: a political and business operative, to meet Dr. Douglas Miller: a global financier and humanitarian. For the more encompassing trip with Our Collective, the Creator Dr. Leong Ying is accompanied by a global collection of Artists, Artisans and Activists.

Our Collective holistic operating model integrating Art, Business and Charity to create a sustainable ecosystem for humanity that includes: Economics, Education, Enlightenment and Entertainment

This gathering of supreme minds and souls to discuss and plot the future paths of human endeavors was conducted within the Sheba Ethiopian restaurant (www.shebarockville.com), managed by Mehari Kebede. The lunch cuisine dish of meat and seafood served on Injera (Ethiopian bread), was as delicious as the conversation.

Diners at Sheba Ethiopian restaurant (left to right): Jimmy Chue, Dr. Leong Ying and Dr. Douglas Miller
Photographer: Leong Ying (5th October 2021)

After lunch, Dr. Ying had to travel less than a mile down the road to the offices of Online Integrated Solutions to register for his Nigerian Bank Verification Number (BVN), which is legally required for him to become an Executive Director of a Nigerian company. The company in question, is The Collective Infrastructure Limited (CIL), which incorporates the name of one of the primary founding commercial partners that is Our Collective, along with Aquila Traders (headed by Timi Alonge) and Reocomm Group Holdings (headed by Dr. Arc Raphael Eluemuno Ajalie). The financier partner of this Nigerian registered entity is headed by Dr. Miller.

On the humanitarianism side of the topics covered, Dr. Ying provided a briefing of Our Collective main global charities and humanitarian missions. Cofounder of Our Collective – Teresa Nacli is also the founder of the United Nations (UN) Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) entity: Museum of the Future Foundation, dedicated to peace missions with a specific project to build a Peace Center at the location of the oldest Christian church discovered in the contested Golan Heights on Teresa’s family land plot. Andrea Wen, a Director of KLYSTAR nonprofit charity dedicated to the unification of Religion and Science, is also the founder of One Humanity One World (OHOW) Global Social Movement, tasked with compiling a global education curriculum that will be freely distributed to a million underprivileged children around the world. Global Empowerment Movement was founded by Dr. Queen Blessing Itua, with mission goals to empower women and youth, especially in Africa. Vincent Lyn founded We Can Save Children to prevent human trafficking, and the exploitation of children for slave labor. Askar Foundation founder – Fardous Askar is dedicated to supporting refugees in her homeland of Jordan.

Our Collective For-Profit Commercial Partners

KLYTEC: http://www.klytec.com

Aquila Traders: https://www.aquilatraders.com

Reocomm Group Holdings: http://www.reocommgroup.com

Our Collective Not-Profit Charitable Partners

KLYSTAR: http://www.klystar.com

One Humanity One World: https://www.onehumanityoneworld.com

Museum of the Future Foundation: http://museumofthefuturefoundation.org

We Can Save Children: https://www.wecansavechildren.org

Global Empowerment Movement: https://www.globalempowermentmovement.org

Askar Foundation: http://www.askarfoundation.org


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