Lhamo Pad Introduces All Natural Cotton Herbal Pads

October 13 08:58 2021
The natural cotton pads infused with herbal formula relieves menstruation headaches for a healthy and thriving future ensuring both comfort and quality!

Lhamo pads combine the insight of herbal medicine, which has been used for thousands of years in all cultures and civilizations, with innovation of patented essential oil spraying technology to provide women worldwide with the ultimate comfort and a healthy future. Lhamo pads use essential oil formula derived from the earth in their natural form to help clients with a range of issues and do not use any synthetic chemicals which makes sure that your pads are not the reason for a painful period. Not all pads are the same. The standard pads today use dyes, bleaches, fragrances and are filled with plastics and pesticides. If you don’t want toxins near your skin, especially in such a sensitive area, try a natural cotton Lhamo Pad today.

“How much time do you spend on yourself?” is the question Lhamo Pad’s COO Alice C. is asking. Realizing that modern women today are often multi-tasking and taking on all the responsibilities, she believes that taking care of ourselves is actually the foundation of everything. The herbal pads are made around this belief; one that will allow all women to menstruate without harming their bodies and provide a natural choice for herbal period protection.

All Lhamo Pad products are registered with FDA and abide international standards including ISO9001 & GB/T 19001. The high quality, all-natural product lineup starts at just $6.17, you can get a free travel pack of Lhamo Pads with a shipping fee of only $0.99.

About Lhamo Pad

Lhamo Pad is a women-owned small business with a team based in Connecticut and North Carolina. Born out of a desire to learn more about international products that are both healthier and more effective, Lhamo Pad aims to become the #1 trusted distributor of female health products in the United States.

For more information you can visit: Lhamopad.com

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