BOC Sciences Expands Amino Acid Synthesis Services to Promote Peptide Drug R&D

October 15 04:00 2021
BOC Sciences recently revealed that it will expand its amino acid synthesis services to further assist the development of peptide drugs.

New York, USA – October 14, 2021 – BOC Sciences, a well-known provider of high-quality research chemicals and biochemicals, recently revealed that it will expand its amino acid synthesis services to further assist the development of peptide drugs.

The 22 amino acids naturally incorporated into polypeptides are called proteins or natural amino acids. All 20 natural amino acids can be synthesized by most microorganisms and plants. The limited number of functional groups carried by natural amino acids restricts the function of proteins in chemical and biological scientific research and applications. BOC Sciences can change the structure of natural proteins through chemical modification, gene-directed mutagenesis and computer-aided protein design, and endow natural proteins with new functions. At the same time, BOC Sciences can increase the activities of unnatural amino acids by changing their functional groups, such as ketone, aldehyde, azide, alkynyl, alkenyl, amide, nitro, phosphate, and sulfonate.

In addition, BOC Sciences also provides asymmetric synthesis of amino acids. The asymmetric synthesis of amino acids is a crucial component of the custom synthesis of amino acids. Resolution, high homology of L-amino acids, asymmetric alkylation, asymmetric alkylation of imines, and asymmetric hydrogenation of dehydroamino acids are all examples of asymmetric synthesis processes. The synthetic methods of asymmetric amino acids are diverse and unique, and different synthetic methods can also complement each other. For example, asymmetric catalytic hydrogenation for the synthesis of chiral a-amino acids has high yield, high enantioselectivity, atom economy and environmental friendliness.

Asymmetric synthesis of amino acids by various methods is of great significance to the development of peptide drugs. As we all know, an important factor restricting the development of peptide drugs is the instability of peptide drugs. BOC Sciences can improve the stability of peptide drugs by introducing unnatural amino acids into peptides, and even increase the drug activity of peptide drugs.

The researchers of BOC Sciences can obtain valuable a-aryl quaternary amino acids by introducing aryl groups on the a-carbon of amino acids. This method not only can obtain aryl amino acids that cannot be obtained by traditional methods, but also has a wider application potential in synthesis. In addition, the purity of its customized synthetic amino acids is 95% to 99%, and its synthetic amino acids are analyzed using nuclear magnetic resonance, HPLC, IR, UV, and LCMS technologies to meet customer needs.

In addition to customized amino acid synthesis services, BOC Sciences also provides a variety of amino acid and peptide products. For more information, please visit the website

About BOC Sciences

BOC Sciences is dedicated to providing laboratory and research customers with amino acids, peptides, and resins. All products are manufactured in accordance with strict guidelines and are accompanied by certificates of analysis, HPLC, mass spectrometry and HMNR. In addition, BOC Sciences also performs amino acid, stable isotope-labeled amino acid and peptide synthesis. The products of BOC Sciences are cited by many top peer-reviewed journals including Nature, Cell and Science.

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