Wm. Hovey Smith’s “Make Your Own Job” Added to the Books With Author’s Tranquility Press

October 16 19:35 2021
Author and successful entrepreneur, Wm. Hovey Smith, teaches the art of entrepreneurship in “Make Your Own Job,” amidst support from Author’s Tranquility Press.

The team at Author’s Tranquility Press has reiterated their commitment to promoting quality content to as many people as possible across the globe as Make Your Own Job by Entrepreneur Wm. Hovey Smith joins the long list of books on the firm’s bookstore placement. The serial entrepreneur shares his wealth of experience with as many people as possible to help budding business owners harness untapped opportunities.

The global business environment has continued to evolve over the years, with entrepreneurs emerging in different parts of the world to help consumers enjoy the best possible experience. Despite the fantastic stats regarding opening of new businesses across the globe, thousands of entrepreneurs still struggle to live their dream of running a profitable venture. Unfortunately, many of the available entrepreneurial resources are abstract, containing tips and tricks that are difficult to implement. However, Wm. Hovey Smith is looking to change this narrative with the release of Make Your Own Job.

The author shares proven methods of selecting and developing money-making opportunities for entrepreneurs of all age groups, irrespective of their location worldwide. The eye-opening piece explores the author’s accomplishments, including his experience across different industries, such as retail sales, professional practice, the arts, cooking, international business, and entertainment, with illustrations to aid the comprehension of readers.

Make Your Own Job teaches readers how to identify their unique selling point, raise funds, develop job skills, use work to live longer, and other relevant information to create and build generational wealth. The piece is particularly unique and unusual, especially in this genre, as it incorporates elements of drama, adventure, and fun.

The book is currently available on Amazon in Kindle, paperback, and audiobook versions for all categories of entrepreneurs across the globe.

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About Wm. Hovey Smith

Wm. Hovey Smith is an entrepreneur and author known for encouraging people to reach their full potentials. He is the author of 18 books, podcast radio programs, thousands of newspaper stories, and currently has over 900 YouTube videos online.

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