“My Therapy Journal: A Journey of Healing” Shares a Woman’s Traumatic Experiences and Her Road to Healing

October 16 19:46 2021

My Therapy Journal: A Journey of Healing, authored by Micah Mason, is a book inspired by events that had occurred in her life, compiled and written in a journal as a means to recovery. This compiled therapy journal is being published as she walks others through her experiences to motivate and inspire others through their lives journey.

Going through a series of remarkably horrifying experiences in her childhood, Micah Mason, as a suggestion from a counselor, documented her experiences in a journal which she compiled into the present work.

“It all started when an innocent little Brownie walked to a neighbor’s house to sell Girl Scout calendars. It seemed like an overdone, slobbery kiss as Micah Mason left, but at age seven, she wasn’t really sure. That moment instigated four years of hiding or being caught and molested, and a chronic state of hypervigilance”, says Micah.

The book, which is unfiltered and explicit, narrates the author’s ordeal of life-threatening abuse and childhood trauma up until adulthood, taking the reader on a journey on the effects of this trauma on her life and her learned coping skills and awareness that led to her healing.

“My Therapy Journal shares a moving compilation of poems that convey the myriad of emotions that accompanied one woman’s journey through childhood trauma, broken trust issues, and eventual healing”, says Micah.

The 270 paged journal depicts the ups and downs common to life and how the author’s faith was instrumental to her healing. Readers of all backgrounds will be able to relate to this eye-opening and inspiring work, letting everyone know that they are not alone, and that life can still be transformed into something beautiful.

About the Author

The author Micah Mason is a nurse with a heart for healing. She has authored numerous stories since middle school. She is skilled in crafts like sewing, knitting, crocheting, quilting, painting, and drawing.

For more information, please visit: https://www.amazon.com/My-Therapy-Journal-Journey-Healing/dp/1647492866.

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