Mia’s SugarLand DeFi Cryptocurrency ($Sugar.X) – The “Fun and Safe/Safu” Utility Token Blockchain Ecosystem Owned and Developed by a Woman – Launches to Broad Success

October 16 22:42 2021
Just Launched and Ascending the Crypto J-Curve, SugarLand is Creating a True Blockchain Ecosystem with Mia’s Invention of the SafePaper, Interlinked Creative Game-Compatible SugarBunny NFTs with Multiple Use Cases, dApps, Crosses the 2,300 Global Holders Mark, and Fills Information Gap Between the Crypto and Non-Crypto Worlds, Particularly for Women Worldwide.

Launched on August 21, 2021 and quickly climbing organically up the Crypto J-Curve, Mia’s SugarLand Cryptocurrency — the Fun Hybrid Utility-AND-Meme Coin and Blockchain Ecosystem — has created waves in the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) space as the first woman in human history to develop, own, and lead (as CEO) a true Blockchain Ecosystem of Cryptocurrency, creative and functional NFTs, Games, dApps and more. Fighting through a sea of dime-a-dozen doggiesharkpenguin competitors, some of which have been “rugpulls” or “honeypot” scams, SugarLand is creating a vast “Positive Vibes Only Metaverse,” a “SAFU” Global Blockchain Brand with its steadily climbing cryptocurrency asset ($Sugar.X, SugarLandCoin.com), plus a series of 730 fun, beautiful and functional NFTs for use accessing Sugar dApps, including (but not limited to) the exciting SugarLand Project X to come in Q4, Merchandise Store connections, Promotions, and Games.

Mia‘s invention of the Crypto SafePaper in an ecosystem to ensure projects can be deemed as a safe-trading decentralized asset in the Cryptoverse, has set the safety-first tone for all developments and use cases to come. Said one of her early investors (literally with a wink) “Surprise, surprise, it takes a woman to clean up the scams in cryptocurrency! Off sarcasm.”

Now Mia has brought to market her series of over 700 ERC721 SugarBunny NFTs on OpenSea, which can be collected, sold, traded, and more … which will be part of the SugarLand Adventure Game Ecosystem, and the important Decentralized Finance (DeFi) SugarLand Project X, which will be released between Q4 2021 and Q1 2022. Unlike too much in Crypto, SugarLand’s creative, holder-profit-oriented assets include fun AND safe components for maximum impact on the BSC and other SmartContract-compatible blockchain spaces. Particularly for newcomers to Crypto, women in countries across the globe, heads of households, previously underserved communities, and more, SugarLand is filling the gap between the Cryptoverse and the (Continues on Page 2) Page 2 Noncrypto worlds, making it easier to understand, buy, hold, grow, learn, profit and have fun in this human seachange wherein everything is moving to blockchain and GenerationalWealth is being created daily. This week, a George Soros Fund moved a $5Billion fund from Stocks to Crypto and DeFi. The world is changing for the better faster than anyone can imagine — and in the DeFi world, a woman is leading the charge!

Why SugarLand?

Historically “Money“ has five uses: 1) an agreed-upon method of storing wealth, 2) an agreed-upon method of payment for goods and services, 3) a way for societies to enforce their standards vis-à-vis external groups 4) a way to measure the value of goods, services, etc., 5) a foundation for the basis of extending credit …

  • and NOW, with the advent of cryptocurrency and specifically Smart Contracts in DeFi (Decentralized Finance), one must add a SIXTH function of money, i.e. a FUN and FUNCTIONAL way for individuals to create their own financial philosophies and systems to increase their GenerationalWealth. No longer will the farmer in India, the car repair person in Indonesia or the pipefitter in Illinois have to accept what a monolithic bank tells them is or isn’t possible with their funds. They can now set their own methods, rules, systems, philosophies, networks (within local regulatory and tax structures) in their personal attempt to enjoy Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

** It should be noted, in her burgeoning relationships with Philanthropies like Hearts and Homes for Youth, Girls Who Code, ElderCare and Mental Health Charities, Mia’s SugarLand is working hard to help people from historically marginalized groups gain the same access to Financial Freedom as those from the wealthiest.**

To this end Mia’s Sugarnomics (her brilliant Smartcontract Tokenomics) are curerntly: 4% of transactions to Holders of the $Sugar Token, 4% to the Development Wallet for Increasing the Growth of the SugarLand Cryptocurrency Ecosystem and Crypto Education, and 4% to the Liquidity Pool.

Now that Mia – who has been called the smartest Solidity Code Dev on the BSC, and to whom other developers frequently come for advice – and SugarLand have survived the initial challenges of launching in the incredibly fast moving, aggressive BSC marketspace she noted “My team and I are incredibly grateful and honored that our Investors and fans have helped us reach over multiples of growth since launch. We are building an extremely fun hybrid space in Cryptocurrency to create our unique goal of global crypto/blockchain/merchandise/Education/NFT ecosystem brand, and teaching millions of newcomers how to do this along the way! I am genuinely honored to be a role model for women and girls (and everyone else!) around the world … to prove that you can code Crypto contracts in Solidity language, run a company with employees everywhere from India to America, Holland to Australia, help create safe GenerationalWealth, and do it all in Jimmy Choos, Blahniks, and Louboutins.”

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.SugarLandCoin.com

HASHTAGS: #SugarLandCoin #SugarLanders

SugarLand CryptoCurrency TRACKER: Tracker.SugarLandCoin.com

Mia’s Invention of The SAFEPAPER for Crypto: www.SugarLandCoin.com/Safepaper

OFFICIAL TWITTER PAGE: www.twitter.com/SugarLandCoin


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