Renowned Author Dr. DeLoris Jacqueline Moore Releases Her Latest Book “God Hears the ‘Any Kyna Way’ Prayer: A Powerful Guide to Prayer”

October 20 00:50 2021
This book was written especially for those who would gladly pray, if they believed they knew “how” to pray and approach the throne of Almighty God. It shares a new perspective on Praying, that will keep the readers captivated till the very end. The mesmerizing saga is a reflection of the author’s natural and spiritual insight and abundant wisdom and understanding of communication.

ILLINOIS, USA – Dr. DeLoris Jacqueline Moore is glad to announce the launching of her latest book titled ‘God Hears the “Any Kyna Way” Prayer: A Powerful Guide to Prayer’. This book was written especially for those who would gladly pray, if they believed they knew “how” to pray and approach the throne of Almighty God. It is also written for those who already practice praying on various levels. The author has infused her experience about ‘Praying to the Almighty’ in writing and curating this lovely piece. Her book hit the shelves in the first week of October 2021.


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The main goal and objective of the book is to motivate the readers to pray and seek the help of God more often, so they can receive everything the Lord desires to give to them. The book includes the “Who, What, Where, When, Why and How” Principals of Prayer. Readers will discover that God is who He said He is and should not be compared to anyone or anything. The author explains that God is the only All Sufficient One.  God desires to be worshipped in spirit and in truth. He hears the cries of everyone and supplies their needs. The Lord will answer us if and when we are willing to humble ourselves and admit that we are not the omnipresent, omniscient or omnipotent one.

Dedicating this masterpiece work to Mother, Daughter, Friends and her readers, Dr. Moore said, “Writing is an integral part of my life and I put my heart and soul into every page in this book. When writing, I utilize a plethora of both academic, vocational, personal and spiritual knowledge in producing thought-provoking ideas and content. I believe book lovers and especially those who desire personal development and transformation are really going to be enlightened and empowered by adopting one or more of the applicable concepts written in this book.”

In this 154-page book that promises to keep the readers engaged till the end, Dr. Moore has taken a fresh approach to praying to God. She says that one doesn’t have to know all the Scriptures written in the Bible, or have a degree in communication, in order to pray effective prayers. All one really needs to know and believe is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is ready and willing to answer prayers offered up to Him with a sincere, humble and grateful heart.

“The ‘Any KYNA Way’ prayer is prayed when your circumstances have presented themselves in such as a way that there appears to be no positive or acceptable solution,” says Dr. Moore. “When all hope appears to be lost, that’s the perfect time to pray the ‘Any KYNA Way’ prayer. Call on the Lord and get an answer.”

Dr. DeLoris prays, hopes and expects her inspirational guide to prayer, to receive rave reviews from readers across the world.

The book is available for purchase online on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback format.


About the Author

Dr. DeLoris J. Moore, is an International Motivational Natural/Spiritual Enrichment Speaker, Exhorter Teacher, Leadership Trainer and Life-Coach. Her Engagements have taken her throughout the USA and Internationally to Belgium, Costa Rica, England, Germany, Grand Cayman Islands, Iceland, Israel, Jamaica, Portugal, Sri-Lanza and The Netherlands.

She is the Founder of A Taste of Jesus Ministries and Eyeopeners International whose Vision and Mission is to Reach, Teach and Preach Christian Biblical Principles and Life Mindset Application in a way that is easy to understand and apply  to Life situations with all its ups and downs.

Dr. DeLoris was recently awarded an Honorary Dr. of Divinity Degree for her many years of Missions and accomplishments in Ministry.  She currently hosts Live and Virtual Conferences, Prayer Clinics and Life Coaching Masterclasses on Personal Development/Destiny, Mindset Renewal, Emotional Energy, Prayer, Leadership, Intercession/Spiritual Warfare and Healing Principles.

Her clients include both men and women including those in Ministry.

“God Hears the “Any KYNA Way” Prayer” is available for purchase on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback Format.

For more information about the book, see detailed information about Book content and Author’s Biography on Amazon.

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