WIMI Hologram Competes with Big Companies Like Apple with the Emergence of the Metaverse Concept

October 20 06:02 2021

Recently, the Metaverse has become popular. Both investors and industry people have their own insights, but the concept of “Metaverse” in different populations is not exactly the same. What is the charm of the Metaverse?

The original meaning of the Metaverse

At present, the Metaverse is still not a rigorous academic concept. Wikipedia describes it as “a 3D virtual space with link awareness and sharing features based on the Internet future through virtual augmented physical reality”. Unlike e-sports games such as Glory of Kings, which are played in dozens of minutes, the Metaverse are persistent and once they start, they go on forever. In addition, the Metaverse is also open and offer richer interactions than simply making big moves and running around.

Zuckerberg defined Metaverse as the next-generation platform after the mobile Internet or the figurative Internet. The prospectus for Roblox described the virtual world in terms of “identity, friend, immersion, low latency, diversity, location, economy, civilization”. It has detonated the technology and capital circles. In 2021, the first Roblox share of the Metaverse concept was listed and the major Internet giants with large chips entered. The market became lively.

Of course, the Metaverse world that is difficult to distinguish from reality may be far away from us, but with the continuous development of AR/VR, cloud computing, AI and 5G technology, the realization of the Metaverse is indeed more possible.

The giants are heading to the Metaverse

Facebook (FB.US): It is a pioneer, and the founder Zuckerberg believes AR/VR will surpass smartphones and personal computers as the next-generation of mainstream computing platform. And he said that “if we do well, I think in the next five years, we will effectively shift from a cognitive social media company to a Metaverse company.”

Apple (AAPL.US): It completed the AR on-chip system (SoC) that powered the helmet and the physical design of two other chips in 2020 and is now ready for trial production. Apple’s first AR/VR headset will be released as early as 2022, but it could also be delayed if the device can’t be completed in time.

Nvidia (NVDA.US): It announced that Omniverse, the world’s first simulation and collaboration platform to base the Metaverse would be open to millions of new users. As a large chip company, they have begun to layout the Metaverse platform, which shows that Metaverse is full of temptation.

Baidu (BIDU.US): It set up a VR sub-venue at the world conference, launched a “Xi soil” virtual space platform based on 5G, Baidu cloud mobile technology and a new upgraded multiplayer interactive platform, so that people who can not attend personally can experience the virtual space of this technology event.

WIMI Hologram (WIMI.US): It has also recently participated in the Metaverse exploration. WIMI Hologram itself has technical advantages, and years of technological accumulation has laid a foundation for the exploration of the Metaverse. WIMI Hologram specially set up the “Holographic Metaverse Division” to develop the underlying holographic technology of the Metaverse, has metaverse software imaging detection and recognition technologies, force to embed holographic AR content into virtual applications; About Knowledge application, WiMi Hologram has established nearly 5000 holographic virtual IP rights content; About hardware, WIMI Hologram launched the holographic XR head-mounted display product “WiMi Hologram SoftLight”. These are the key to entering the Metaverse market and preserving the leading position in the next era.

ByteDance reportedly invested RMB 100 million for Metaverse company Beijing Code Qiankun Technology Co., Ltd., whose main products include teen social networking and UGC platform Reworld, RMB 9 billion for VR startup Pico. In addition to ByteDance, Netease invested IMVU parent company (Together Labs), the world’s largest avatar social networking platform. Tencent invested in Roblox’s US $150 million Series G round in February last year. Soul, a social platform that failed to go public, changed its marketing slogan to “social Metaverse for young people.”  

Facing the Metaverse, experts say lively.

Tokyo securities pointed out that AR/VR and other technologies are becoming increasingly mature to build channels in and out of the Metaverse. AR/VR technically solves the problem of interaction between virtual world and real world. AR/VR will become more accessible and usable as the technology matures along with price cuts and market penetration. Technology also improves user experience. The development of 5G, cloud computing, Blockchain and other technologies also provide support for the construction of a Metaverse virtual world.  

At the same time, Sealand securities believes that although the current Metaverse is still in the early stage, there are still many elements of the Metaverse has not been realized. The real realization of the Metaverse requires the promotion and support of technology. In the medium and long term, the Metaverse is expected to bring innovation in the virtual world, promote the co-prosperity of all links of the industrial chain such as game content, community, education, commodity trading, artificial intelligence and VR/AR, Blockchain, and then bring new increment.

Xiao Feng, a Blockchain research expert, believes that the Metaverse is the highest form of human digital survival. “In the Metaverse, participants can experience a more colorful life. The Metaverse is also the human society and world, but it is the person’s virtual society and the digital world.”

When the technology is mature enough and people participate in the Metaverse. They can have a completely different identity and experience another life in another virtual world.

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