Groundbreaking Anti-Dust Coating Solution Enlit SG100 To Go Live On Indiegogo

October 20 02:10 2021
Groundbreaking Anti-Dust Coating Solution Enlit SG100 To Go Live On Indiegogo
Innovative advanced self-clean eco-friendly coating solution, Enlit SG100, set to be officially launched via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo

The team of forward-thinking professionals behind the user-friendly Enlit SG100 coating has announced plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, with a goal of US$10,000. The product is formulated as an anti-dust coating solution, creating a Nano layer on the coated surfaces of the building and acting as a sustainable defensive barrier against dust accumulation to ensure the surface remains dirt-free for a longer period of time.

There has been a steady growth and evolution in the global cleaning solutions market, as more products emerge to help people keep their environment tidy and healthy. Unfortunately, many of the available solutions seem to concentrate more on the inside even as the exterior of every structure is just as important as it helps to form the first impression. However, ensuring a clean and smooth architectural appearance of the house can be a daunting task, which is where Enlit SG100 is looking to make a difference.

The launch of Enlit SG100 is particularly timely, considering the effect of Covid-19 on the health and finances of millions of people worldwide. The product offers a sustainable, eco-friendly, and economical solution to make the house exterior and interior surfaces look clean and appealing.

Enlit SG100 is unique for its versatility, affordability, and durability, lessening the cost of cleaning and maintenance by almost 30% and utilizing two times less water, with a coating that lasts for 12 months. The solution can be applied on all kinds of surfaces, including painted walls, claddings, mirrors, reducing the affinity to dust and dirt, with a user-friendly technology that saves users’ time and money. The use of rainwater for self-cleaning while exploiting nature’s method of cleaning remains a standout feature of Enlit SG100, delivering a cleaner and more beautiful house with the littlest of efforts, with no dirt stains, water spots, or streak marks

The crowdfunding campaign will support the production and distribution of Enlit SG100, with backers enjoying different rewards depending on the perk.

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