InetSoft’s cutting-edge cloud BI solutions offer unparalleled flexibility, control, and scalability for businesses seeking transformative insights

August 28 15:48 2023
InetSoft, a pioneer in the Business Intelligence (BI) domain, now offers groundbreaking Cloud Business Intelligence solutions. Designed to empower businesses with advanced data analytics capabilities, InetSoft’s cloud BI platform redefines the landscape of decision-making by offering unmatched control, scalability, and flexibility.

USA – InetSoft’s Cloud Business Intelligence solution harnesses the potential of cloud computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS) while providing an exceptional level of control to users. Unlike traditional BI software, which often requires embedding data within the application, InetSoft’s approach ensures that data remains separate, providing a dynamic and secure environment for data-driven insights.

As the computing landscape evolves, InetSoft’s business intelligence platform adapts seamlessly to diverse application scenarios. Recognizing that every organization has unique needs, InetSoft’s Cloud BI caters to a wide range of requirements, making it an ideal solution for today’s dynamic business environment. In contrast to many SaaS BI vendors who mandate complete data transfer to their cloud, InetSoft’s BI allows users to retain data ownership and choose the platform and location that best suits their needs.

InetSoft’s philosophy of bringing the software to the data, not vice versa, proves to be a winning formula in the BI realm. Recognizing the explosive growth of data in volume, variety, and velocity, InetSoft’s approach ensures that data doesn’t need to travel great distances, minimizing challenges associated with data movement and latency.

A successful BI project requires not only the right technology but also the right expertise. InetSoft recognizes this need and offers complimentary expert fast-start mentoring to guide users through BI deployment. This invaluable assistance extends beyond initial implementation, ensuring sustained success and effective utilization of BI capabilities.

While talking about the latest BI solutions, Mark Flaherty, CMO of InetSoft said: “At InetSoft, we believe that the power of data analytics should be harnessed without limitations. Our Cloud Business Intelligence solutions are designed to empower businesses with unprecedented control, scalability, and flexibility.

InetSoft’s Cloud BI breaks away from the traditional requirements of resource-intensive deployments. Its innovative design allows deployment on instances as small as two virtual cores, providing unprecedented flexibility and cost-efficiency. This small footprint aligns perfectly with the demands of modern businesses seeking agile and scalable solutions.

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Since 1996, InetSoft has been a trailblazer in the field of business intelligence, offering innovative solutions that empower businesses with transformative data analytics capabilities. With a focus on cloud computing and software-as-a-service, InetSoft’s BI platform combines unmatched flexibility, control, and scalability to redefine decision-making processes.

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