LOZICS, A Logistic Software Serves The Specific Needs of Transport Companies

August 28 18:01 2023
Lozics, an advanced and comprehensive logistic software, is designed to cater to the intricate needs of transport companies.

LOZICS has been at the forefront of providing an exceptionally robust and potent business automation Enterprise Resource Planning solution tailored specifically for the logistics industry. It has evolved into a comprehensive array of modules, each infused with cutting-edge technologies seamlessly integrated into their holistic ERP solutions. The Cloud Logistics ERP software encompasses a comprehensive suite of business processes meticulously organized into discrete modules akin to carefully curated baskets. These modules encapsulate diverse functionalities, affording their esteemed clientele within the logistics sector the invaluable opportunity to tailor their selection according to the unique contours of their business needs.

In response to a query about their services, the spokesperson of LOZICS said, “Whether it’s the management of recurring payments, meticulous adherence to statutory compliances, intricate reconciliations, or navigating the complexities of accounting, our seamlessly integrated accounting solution stands as the epitome of excellence within the transport industry. The seamless operation of any ERP system hinges upon consistent and unwavering support from a proficient software service provider. We take the lead in this realm, distinguished by our unparalleled commitment to a support-centric approach that remains steadfast regardless of circumstances or timing. The cornerstone of our ethos lies in placing support at the forefront, transcending any barriers and prioritizing it above all else, ensuring the unimpeded functionality and continuous enhancement of the ERP solution”.

They pioneered a groundbreaking leap by introducing the industry’s inaugural non-GUI-based single transport module, replete with a comprehensive suite of functionalities encompassing booking, lorry hire, payments, billing, and accounting capabilities. This visionary innovation was meticulously designed with a primary emphasis on catering to anyone who desires to get logistics software and to meet the demands of full truckload-type transport businesses, signifying a paradigm shift in the landscape of transport management solutions.

The spokesperson added “Concurrently, we embarked on a journey of innovation, laying the foundation for a GUI-based logistics cloud software version with a logical framework that not only revolutionized the user experience but also exhibited an unprecedented capacity to manage the intricacies of transport enterprises, encompassing both the realm of full truck loads and the nuanced landscape of retail loads. This visionary expansion underscored our commitment to providing versatile and inclusive solutions that cater to the diverse spectrum of needs within the logistics industry”.

Transport and logistics software overarching vision is to spearhead developing and providing technologically advanced yet affordable ERP software solutions that deliver exceptional value within logistics, fleet, and transport management. This vision is underscored by their unwavering commitment to offering solutions that meet industry needs and provide a substantial return on investment. Aligned with this vision, LOZICS’ resolute mission is to infuse its systems with the latest technological advancements continually. By embracing these updates, it aims to fortify its ability to address the ever-evolving demands of the market.


LOZICS presents advanced and comprehensive Logistic Software meticulously designed to cater to the intricate needs of transport companies. Their software solution is intricately engineered to streamline and enhance the operational efficiency of transport businesses, providing a seamless and optimized experience across the entire logistics spectrum.

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