The shocking movement of HUAYUJIU pushed the Chinese products further

October 30 03:21 2019

Recently, HUAYUJIU Group, the leaders in the domestic cosmetics industry, brought the news about its new products. For a while, it attracted the attention of China beauty industry forum, authoritative cosmetics research institutions and various media celebrities. Mysterious new products have aroused heated discussions inside and outside the industry and have become the focus of attention on major social platforms one after another.  This time, the strong rhythm, which has not yet been sold in the market, has strongly attracted everyone!

The development of HUAYUJIU not only set off a discussion within the industry, but also aroused the general concern of the public. It is understood tha HUAYUJIU’ s new brand will not only be launched, but also the brand-new brand incubated by the group will be unveiled. As it is known to all, HUAYUJIU are popular among the customers with its fashion skin care brand of “JIUGONGZI”. In recent years, the rather low-key brand has been deeply involved in the industry, cooperating with domestic and foreign industry associations and famous institutions and conducting independent R & D and production. It has also incubated professional skin management brands such as “NINE SKIN skin management center”, which are highly praised by the market and consumers.

A few days ago, the famous industry media published the relevant information and photos of HUAYUJIU’s new brands and new products. Once again, it has successfully attracted the attentions of the people, and everyone participated in the interactions: What’s special about this mysterious new product? 

It is reported that the birth of HUAYUJIU new brands and new products took three years. The R & D team and laboratory team changed 5 groups of people from the new product approval to production. It has recruited many high-end talents in the industry from Germany, France, Japan and other countries, and set up a special overseas research center of new products. The team has traveled all over the world in five continents and three oceans, only to find the pure natural origin and collect the ancient recipes, animals and plants. It integrates the research achievements of all countries in the world, integrates the skin characteristics and needs of Asians, and creates unique products that affect the world. 

At the beginning of 2019, the new brand took shape, and the first batch of new products were put into production for internal test. As soon as the samples came out, although they were still in the stage of confidentiality, they were focused and intended to be introduced by ESKA and Italian medical skin research center. In China, it is highly praised and recognized by China Cosmetic Industry Association.

The real surprise is still left behind. At the end of 2019, HUAYUJIU Group will officially announce new brands and new products to the whole country. At that time, the public will finally see it. At present, the information related to the new product is still in the stage of confidentiality. People may as well keep their expectations and wait for the unveiling day of the mystery! 

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