“The Belt and Road” Art Plus Shanghai International Fair 2019 concluded, leading the new trend of art communication

November 08 19:45 2019

“The Belt and Road” Art Plus Shanghai International Fair 2019 just concluded on October 27. About 101 galleries and organizations from 41 countries joined. Covering an area of 20,000 square meters, the indoor and outdoor exhibition halls feature photography, sculpture, paintings and among others. The 4-days fair has seen 25,000 visitors from all over the world.

According to the statistics of the access control, the four-day exhibition received a total of 25,000 visitors, and 3,500 VIP professional buyers were present on the night of the 23rd preview night.

”Donghaolanshen” Arts night

Media reports to broaden brand awareness

As the first Art Plus Shanghai International Fair, it has received attention from all parties since its launch. During the exhibition, Dragon TV reported in the golden file. A total of more than 50 media outlets including art mainstream media have interviewed and reported on more than half of the galleries and hundreds of artists.

Mainstream media such as People’s Daily Online, Handan, Zhongxin.com, Global Media, Youth Daily and other authoritative paper media, art and humanities, news synthesis, Oriental Finance and other TV media, Yachang, Sina collection, etc.

Dragon TV reported in the golden file

Promote the exchange of Chinese and foreign art and lead the new trend of art trade

According to incomplete statistics, the first “The Belt and Road” Art Plus Shanghai International Fair has exceeded 20 million in total offline transactions, and the exhibits of individual galleries are actively negotiating. Among the works that have been sold, there are many high-priced works. One of the exhibits of Winn Slavin Fine Art was sold for 660,000 yuan. Zhu Bingren’s art theme exhibition area sold two pieces of work of millions of yuan and three works of nearly 400,000 yuan of Zhongbao Art Studio were sold. In addition, many small exhibits have been successfully traded on the spot

Many people line up in the front of service counter

Mercedes-Benz Authorized Dealers in Shanghai: support for art and culture

The renowned brand Mercedes-Benz Authorized Dealers in Shanghai, a  sponsor of Art Plus Shanghai International Fair, presenting its dreams in the form of a theme pavilion. During the exhibition, a number of high-end salons were organized to attract many VIP buyers to test drive experience. The theme pavilion injects more innovative forms of activity into the exhibition, and also makes the public feel the focus and support for art and culture from the Mercedes-Benz Authorized Dealers.

5 + 365: build an authoritative brand “Art Plus Shanghai”

“The Belt and Road” Art Plus Shanghai International Fair 2019 attempts to reflect the current situation of artists’ creation, the business face of galleries and the cutting-edge dynamics of the market in various dimensions, and also reflects the future development potential of the art market. Although “The Belt and Road” Art Plus Shanghai International Fair 2019 has been successfully concluded, its artistic effect will continue to heat up. The “Art Plus Shanghai” app and online exhibition hall on the official website, which can be downloaded and viewed, will also become another gathering place for art communication after the exhibition. The “5 + 365” (The 5 day exhibition +365 platform on antenna) will make Art Plus Shanghai a never-ending art feast. 

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