Ethereum contract bank goes live, creating wealth wireless value-added space

January 18 00:47 2020

The birth of the blockchain signifies that human beings are beginning to build a truly trusted Internet. There is a new view that blockchain technology can build an efficient and reliable value transmission system, promote the Internet to build a network infrastructure for social trust, and realize the effective transmission of value. This is called the Internet of Value.

Ethereum Contract Bank Eth contract bank Ethereum contract bank is a distributed game ecological platform based on the blockchain technology architecture. The unique decentralization, openness, autonomy, anonymity, security and other characteristics of the blockchain technology are used to directly and directly link the components of the entire game ecological chain, so as to achieve individual value. Seamless docking, non-destructive circulation and secure storage.

Ethereum contract technology advantages:

Dapp Store Wallet participation mechanism

In order to facilitate users’ access to the tools of the decentralized world, Ethereum Contract Bank supports users to use the dapps of various blockchains without threshold, without installing any tools or plug-ins. Users only need to register as an Eth contract bank user to quickly have a public chain wallet supported by the Eth contract bank, enabling quick startup and unified management of multiple accounts.

Multi-BlockchainIdentityNetwork (MIN) is safe and efficient

As the user’s entrance into the decentralized world, Eth contract bank is committed to reducing the user threshold. The multi-chain identity network will play a core role, enabling one-click creation and management of multi-chain wallets. By using the BIP39 protocol, we integrate private key generation, wallet creation, and Faucet into one button to achieve the mapping of single mnemonic words to multi-chain private keys. That is, the public chain addresses of multiple customizable user names are mapped to a single user account for free. Users who join the Eth contract bank will experience a decentralized game with zero cost base.

Decentralized computing power cluster (DCC), safe and efficient

Currently, the block production speed in the industry is relatively restricted by the consensus agreement. After the consensus optimization of the Ethereum contract bank, the SH-DPoS consensus can achieve block-second block generation, which is driven by technology to the forefront of the entire industry.

The data generated by the server in the loslation Container will interact with the client through the Lighting Gateway. The Lightning Gateway can provide efficient and stable data interaction services, automatically matching the nearest and fastest DCC computing power node for users, so as to be sensitive to delays and high-frequency services in the network.

Fully decentralized on-chain games

Ethereum contract bank is a combination of games and blockchain technology. All programs are structured in Ethereum smart contract financial management games. It is a major innovation that pushes blockchain technology to ordinary players. All proceeds will be distributed to the player wallet of the Ethereum contract bank, and all of this is written into the smart contract. No one can change it. This is the unique decentralized revenue distribution and player incentive model of the Ethereum contract bank, and the code is completely Open source, the value of Ethereum contract banks is completely decentralized and 100% on-chain smart contract constraints.

Ether contract bankThe purpose of the release is to return the blockchain to the decentralized nature, and at the same time let more people understand Ethereum and hold Ethereum to prosper the Ethereum ecosystem. Ether contract bankOnline will bring a wealth feast for global players.

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