High Standard: Fuhsing Attaches Importance to Moral Education and Innovative Thinking, Cultivating Students’ International Vision and Leadership Ability

March 25 06:02 2020

Taipei Private Fuhsing Experimental High School has set up Fuhsing Kindergarten since 1946. It has successively set up primary, secondary, senior and bilingual departments. Its teaching philosophy is to train students to be citizens with independent innovation, social care and a global perspective.

Mrs. Li yin, Syu Ying, chairman of Taipei Private Fuhsing Experimental Senior High School, said: “All along, I have been very persistent in teaching quality. although the process is hard, it is worth it.  More importantly, Fuhsing does not take academic achievements as the first priority. I think the cultivation of moral character is more important than the education of knowledge. Therefore, after the Ministry of Education abolished the life and ethics curriculum, Fuhsing compiles a textbook on life and ethics for primary schools. It uses stories to guide students to think deeply and practice. It believes that education in this way is the foundation of human beings and will not cause social chaos when they grow up in any field.

Mrs. Li yin, Syu Ying, Chairman Taipei Private Fuhsing (second from the left) and foreign distinguished guests and Ambassador Shi Yaping (first from the right).

Fuhsing attaches great importance to education with appropriate age. for example, kindergartens give priority to training order, independence and coordination.  The primary school attaches importance to the balanced development of the five disciplines and encourages students to participate in social organizations and various activities. For example, they have participated in the Taipei Science Exhibition for five years. Among them, they have won the first prize in three middle school team awards and achieved outstanding results.

In addition to solid teaching, the secondary school department has won many awards in participating in science exhibitions and actively participated in international invention exhibitions, such as tour to Hong Kong, Japan, Ukraine, Russia and so on, winning many gold medals.  In terms of arts and culture, for example, the orchestra and the string orchestra are both the first in the Taipei competition and the invincible army in the national competition. They have also been invited to perform in Vienna and Rome. The choir has been to Germany, Austria, Spain and other places and won gold medals.

This summer, Fuhsing Primary School Chorus went to Austria and Vienna for joint study and performance, while high school chorus went to Japan to participate in choral competition. Fuhsing will arrange diversified study at home and abroad every summer to strengthen children’s life attitude and vision.

Fuhsing Students’ Communication in Vienna, Teachers Teach Students to Sing German Songs.

Chairman Li yin said: “Fuhsing’s frequent international exchanges is to cultivate students’ international outlook, so that they are not limited to Taiwan or schoolwork, thus exploring their own interests and having diversified development.  In addition, Fuhsing communicates with schools of the same educational philosophy, which include the United States, Japan, South Korea, the mainland and so on.  The most important key to Fuhsing’s success in internationalization is the assistance from parents and alumni. As Fuhsing alumni are distributed all over the world, we are very proud of our solidarity, cooperation and mutual help.  

Mrs. Li yin, Syu Ying, Chairman, Ambassador Shi Yaping, Chief Director of Viennese EVA He Bingxiu, and the students.

Wu Zhihong, the new headmaster of Taipei Private Fuhsing Experimental Senior High School, is very experienced in the field of private schools and will begin to inject new elements into Fuhsing.  He stressed: “I want to realize GRIT in Fuhsing.  G stands for a leader in global literacy, R is a citizen who trains sense of responsibility, I am an innovative thinker, T is a person who makes good use of scientific and technological intelligence, which is used as the main driving force of school affairs. It will not waste people’s strength and time, and will effectively enable students to grow up continuously and explore their own talents.

Wu Zhihong hopes that in the new era, the cultivation of future talents should have critical thinking, cooperative cooperation, creativity and innovation, global mobility and resistance to adversity, and constantly cultivate children’s self-confidence in various ways, because the cultivation of leadership ability is to let ordinary people do extraordinary things, not to get together with others.

More importantly, Fuhsing encourages parents to accompany their children to grow up. Through parent-child interaction, different learning and growth can be stimulated. Students are expected to be like seed personnel in all fields of society to create a more harmonious and progressive society.

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