Enes Takmaz, the 26-year-old civil engineer and DJ is paving his way through the electronic music scene

April 24 08:49 2020

Enes Takmaz aka Enes is a talented new entry to the electronic music scene, who has released some of the funkiest and grooviest tracks so far, focused on the Trance genre. The 26-year-old artist is originally from Istanbul, Turkey, and currently living in Buffalo, New York. He graduated from the Istanbul Technical University and SUNY-University in Buffalo with a Civil Engineering double diploma, in February last year. Some of his latest projects include ‘Trance Will Never Die’, and ‘Endlessness’, Enes hopes to mix his love for electronic music and DJing with his profession as a Civil engineer in some way.

Enes has been passionate about electronic music since he was a child. At the young age of 8, he listened to artists like Eric Prydz, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren and instantly fell in love with their music. Enes states, “I started listening to electronic music in my childhood, and with time I just found myself trying to produce music. I was playing tom-tom and doing beats when I was a child to entertain my friends & family”.

He started DJing professionally at the age of 15 years and played at various venues in Istanbul and many house parties in Buffalo. At the age of 18, he started producing music and continues to improve his skills every day. The quarantine days have allowed him to re-organize all the music projects he has created and focus on his music professionally.

Enes further adds, “I discovered that my reason to live is creating something to make other people’s life more enjoyable. With my music, I am trying to create a deep, melodic, and energetic atmosphere which gives people creativity and hope, at the end of the day”.

Listen to all music by Enes on his Soundcloud page.

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