KEXI Introduces H2: A Portable and Powerful Garment Steamer

February 01 20:08 2021

Ironing is part of the clothing care arsenal. More people prefer handheld steamer performance in this regard compared to traditional ironing devices. They appear to operate quicker and more flexible, and steaming can also be less damaging to your clothing than an iron. Garments steamer never actually has to touch the fabric, making it ideal for use on delicate fabrics like silk and satin. And if you don’t have one, now is the perfect time to make the switch, since the KEXI H2 handheld steamer is on sale today; with a stylish appearance and excellent performance, this little device can replace your out-of-date wardrobe iron without a doubt.

Kexi, an innovative technology company full of enthusiasm for life, design, and innovation, has always adhered to being customer-oriented. They aim to create elevated home care appliances that are unique to the market yet essential to our everyday lives. Recently they launched a small but mighty clothes steamer never seen before on the market.

Simplify clothing care set and save your time

KEXI H2 is easily manipulated since it is installed with a dedicated 140ml water tank to meet your regular laundry ironing needs instead of other garments steamer that includes an external water tank. All you need to do is insert the water tank into the steamer and switch it on. Waiting about 40 seconds of heat up, KEXI H2 is ready to smooth the wrinkles of your clothes. Also, it does not have to be used with a traditional ironing board. Simply by hanging your outfit up or spread it on the flat to start ironing.

High performance and high aesthetics

No longer forced to sacrifice aesthetics for utility, H2 stands out by bringing powerful steam and tasteful design to a set of the handheld steamer with no compromises on performance.

Dry and Steam ironing in one device, versatile steaming options, smoothens and shapes your outfits with one easy switch. Teflon-coated soleplate stays at a constant temperature, 230℉ (110°C) is ideal for all fabrics, bring a more professional ironing result. The soleplate also has an additional non-stick coating that makes it easy to glide over your clothing, and it is not difficult to slip the iron over the shirts regardless of texture or thickness. Furthermore, its powerful steam capacity guarantees wrinkles to be released instantly, 25 grants per minute, beyond other garments steamer.

Ultra-portable and Perfect for travel

Thanks to its small size, the steamer fits inside any suitcase, especially yours. Just fold it up directly and drop it in the suitcase, and it will pass through airport security without any problems. Beyond the wrinkle-removing ability, running the steam from a garment steamer over every item is a great way to sanitize and refresh it. Now more than ever, it is important to take care of yourself. When traveling, you will touch many things that other people have touched, all of which may contain many unwanted microscopic bacteria. With KEXI H2, you can purify them in no time at all. Discover the benefits of the H2 handheld garments steamer that make it a unique and essential accessory.


The retail price of KEXI H2 is $149, and the product is now available for a pre-order price of $99.99 for a limited time. Just keep following by checking in on the website: To find out more, follow the social media at @kexiglobal on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube using #kexi. 

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