New B2B Fashion Sourcing Platform Automates the Sourcing Process with Machine Learning Algorithms

February 16 00:10 2021
Wonder Industries integrates virtual showrooms where buyers can discover sellers, collaborate in teams, and transact from anywhere in the world, thus creating a single collaborating ecosystem.

Wonder Industries is a B2B online sourcing platform for fashion manufacturing. The platform has been recently launched by two co-founders: Vlady Vyshnevetskiy and Oleksandr Natalenko, with the objective of automating the sourcing process through the help of machine learning algorithms.

According to Vlady Vyshnevetskiy, CEO of the company, “Our B2B platform assists you in running your business smoothly. It is designed to find connections and explore new markets for you with the help of advanced machine learning algorithms.” He further adds, “We’ve designed the platform to optimize sourcing routine , as it is equipped with powerful automatisation and communication tools.”

Before, if someone wanted to launch a brand, start a new collection, or search for new suppliers they had to wait for a specific date to visit an expensive fair that happens twice a year. Make a selection of samples there, and then wait for at least three weeks to receive them, and only then make an order. Now people can browse new collections, request samples, make orders or chat directly with suppliers right from their laptop anytime they want. Moreover, Wonder Industries is a powerful tool for sales teams because their algorithms bring only relevant and interested buyers and automatically work in the background.

Unlike others in the industry, Wonder Industries has all manufacturing cycle players at a single source, and the company is among the first to do it online. The innovative B2B platform for online fashion sourcing has the primary focus on manufacturing. “We are connecting buyers with suppliers of textile, leather, and accessories; along with service providers and manufacturers,” explains the CEO.

Most importantly, perhaps, Wonder Industries ensures absolute privacy and security for suppliers as only verified companies are allowed on their domain. Coupled with powerful communication and collaboration tools, this makes it an ideal platform for B2B companies in the vast European fashion market.

The demo available on the company’s official website explains how it is possible to create a team with a shared workflow between buyer and sellers to ensure streamlined communication and collaboration. The demo can be seen at this link.

In other words, the B2B platform is essentially designed to create an online show experience by integrating virtual showrooms where buyers can discover sellers, collaborate in teams, and transact from anywhere in the world, thus creating a single collaborating ecosystem.

Despite being launched only recently, the platform is being touted by many industry experts as Europe’s foremost B2B online sourcing platform for fashion. According to experts, Wonder Industries has the potential to alter the landscape of fashion sourcing in Europe.

To find out more about the company and sign up for the platform, visit Wonder Industries’ official website now at the following link:

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