MAVM Scar Removing Ointment: Silicone Compound Component, Outstanding Scar Removing Effect

April 27 06:26 2021

Non-invasive suture and drug injection can currently remove scars, improve scar appearance and relieve scar hyperplasia,but more gel products such as MAVM scar removal ointment has outstanding scar removal effect.

MAVM: Ultra-high purity first-class silicone is selected

Scars include superficial scars, atrophic scars, hyperplastic scars and keloids. Superficial scars are locally flat and soft with rough surface. Atrophic scars are relatively flat or slightly higher than skin surface. Hyperplastic scars and keloids can cause tissue malignant transformation.

Besides going to the hospital for injections and surgeries, clinical evidence has proved that early apply silicone can accelerate scar maturation, avoid scar hyperplasia, repair and fade. The American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) shows that the curative effect of silicone is equate silicone dressing, and listed silicone preparation for treating scars firstly. Therefore,many components of scar-removing ointment contains silicone but there are multiple silicone and effects uneven. The high-purity silicone of MAVM scar-removing ointment comes from Dow Corning Company of America. The effect is 3 times of the conventional one, which can effectively fade scars and inhibit hyperplasia.

3 large cross-domain components-healing scar and care skin

Silicone is also added to many single composition scar-removing ointments.However, MAVM scar-removing ointment has others major cross-domain components ceramide, Centella asiatica and collagen. So why added these?

Hydration is proceed in the process of skin repair. The cell nutrient elements intake must first dissolved in water or hydrolyzed into cell absorbable size,enter the cell body through the cell membrane into concentration diffusion,causing water replenishing effect on skin. Ceramide can repair and soothe skin to improve locking power.Centella asiatica extract can repair anti-inflammation,inhibit hyperplasia,promote skin growth and inhibit ulceration.Collagen fades melanin, pockmarks and scars by moisturizing. Meanwhile,the combination of silicone and these ingredients can lighten scars and protect skin.

Additive free, Safe and healthy

MAVA scar removing cream is delicate, fresh and transparent, smells tasteless. No artificial pigments and spices,no preservatives, no skin irritation, suitable for pregnant women, does not cause acne, can apply makeup after drying, can wear pressure clothes, safe and effective, gives intimate care to injured skin!

Six months before scar formation is the best recovery period. MAVM scar-removing ointment better used after stitches removed and the wound completely closed. Although early use is effective, active apply aged scars can also be improved and the damaged skin gradually smoothes and the color becomes lighter.

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